What a semester that was :expressionless:

Described in one word: treacherous.

I believe it’s because the summer course load is like any other semester but instead of a four-month term, with breaks in-between, we only have eleven weeks to complete all of our assignments, labs, projects, midterms, and finals. excruciating. I also mentioned in my last post that I had the opportunity to co-found a startup during that period which was one of the best decisions I took but, of course, I suffered in school for it :p totally worth it!

What are my plans for the next month?

1. Prepare a research proposal for next semester

I am planning to research “Sentiment Analysis” under the supervision of professor Hussein Al Ossman. It’s a very interesting sub-domain of machine learning that involves training a model to gain a deeper understanding and meaning from text. I have the rest of the summer to decide whether I want to implement the project using React or Rails. I’ve been wanting to write code in Ruby and learn to build a web app using Rails 5 for some time now. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to explore React for a DB Project and I loved it. React was super flexible and convenient, it made prototyping so much easier. Also, if I needed any help, there were many available resources out there that did the trick. On the flip side, it’s super new, practices and best standards are still being developed causing projects to lack in standards and consistent structures.

2. Neappoli

We have finally released our iOS application for the City of Ottawa! We are a few weeks away from releasing the Android version as well as working hard on getting the next city on-board. I have to say that building this company has taught all of us so much about every aspect in business. It was such a rewarding learning experience to be able to do sales in the morning, develop in the afternoon, and market at night. The summer felt that much more productive and now for the next month, I will solely focus on contacting more cities and growing our user base. Having built a stable foundation for a company will allow all four of us to return to school and work on Neappoli at the same time. It’s gonna be great :muscle:

3. Taking Real Break

I will be leaving the country with the family for a week-long vacation to Jamaica. I had the opportunity to go there last year with some good friends. This year I want to have the chance to go with my family since I see them only a few times a year. Also, I want to dedicate some playtime to World of Warcraft’s new expansion: Battle for Azeroth. I started playing vanilla wow religiously back in 2004. However, now, I am only a casual returning player for new expansions, or when I have some serious time-off, it helps me cool the brain. I learned that they will be bringing back vanilla servers which is going to be super exciting and nostalgic - can’t wait to see how that’s going to turn out!

That’s it for July!

I hope the next few weeks don’t fly back as quickly as I think they will :worried: Regardless, I will try to enjoy the next month as much as I can. I will be writing a more technical blog post for August that discusses the technology I have decided to learn.


Anthony A. Nader