We are currently one and a half month into the summer semester, and the workload has become nextLevel(). One thing I am pleased about is that I have pledged to the #100DaysOfCode challenge for the second time this year and with the current course selection I can commit code every. single. day. The type of coding I did varied from writing C code for an OS course to developing unit tests using “every suite out there” (JUnit, PyUnit, ECLEmma, etc.) to learning and using the Android SDK in a week to develop @tip.io.

“I was able to learn and write code every day.”

Why does this sound so unusual for a software engineering student?

It’s only because I have spent the last two years doing math, chemistry, physics, and any other course that had nothing to do with programming/coding/developing or software engineering.

Ironic right?

Software engineering students have to spend the first two years of their curriculum learning about anything but code. Sure, we have an introduction to python and java, and one data structures course in between, but honestly, this was the first semester throughout the entire length of the degree that we got to write, develop and test code in almost every course. I guess it was worth the wait?!

Startup Update

Another update I want to make here is about our startup, Neappoli. It’s ramping up quickly. We incorporated last week :tada: got two new members on-board :two_men_holding_hands: , launched our first two beta versions of our iOS application :iphone: and working on getting those bugs :ant: out of the way. It’s been a thrill! Between classes at school and meetings across the city, workshops at Startup Garage and late night sessions at Invest Ottawa, there hasn’t been a dull moment and I love it!

Building our social media presence and website have been our latest marketing efforts, so make sure you head over to those and give us a like/follow -> LinkedIn & FacebookPage . Networking events, government meetings/lobbying and investor pitches, you name it, we’re doing it every day, every week and it will be on-going for quite sometime now.

“I can’t explain the feeling of working on something meaningful with good friends, for a good cause and not for school/grade. It’s an adventure, it’s rewarding but most of all it’s really, really fun.”

I am looking forward to finishing school to start blogging bi-weekly, providing updates on what we’re working, discuss technical challenges and maybe even have one of the guys write a guest post. I have lots of ideas and we will try to use every medium we have to document our journey and share our knowledge.

Make sure you check back in a few weeks to see what we came up with next :relaxed:


Anthony A. Nader