Spring is upon us, and here I thought I could take a small breather from school before the summer semester begins… I guess not since today was my first day back to school, right after finishing my last final exam two days ago :expressionless:

I say this because I need a break from school! A break gives me the opportunity to work on something I love, something I’m passionate about. My mind isn’t cluttered with school material; I can use my creativity to its fullest. The last break I had was Christmas!! I was able to build and design this whole website during those two weeks off!

Needless to say, I wish I had some time off before starting the summer session.

But, something really awesome happened right after my last exam. Sometimes all it takes is one coffee with the right person, and a new opportunity could open its doors. I found myself turning down a part-time job at the university to join a government-funded startup while attending school full-time! I am super excited! The workload will be humongous, no doubt about it, but I believe when you are building something that will touch the lives of others and do good to the community, nothing can stop you.

This blog post will not go into details about the company yet, but it will serve as a checkpoint to look back to in the future.

Why did I join?

There are two main reasons I decided to join this startup.

The first one being that this company was looking to make a lasting change in the Ottawa community. Its efforts will bring forth a new way to engage citizens, using technology to enhance communication between government and residents. Moreover, it’s aligned perfectly with the new vision and direction the government is undertaking - Gov 2.0. I have to be honest and say that it feels good and right to be working on something that will help others, something that will help make people’s lives a little better than yesterday.

The second reason has to do with what I can bring to the table. I was happy to know that my background in digital marketing, sales and management would be beneficial at this stage of the company growth. I was pleased because I did not want to slow down the project coming on board solely as a developer. I have only been coding for the past two years, and prior to that, I had never read or written a line of code in my life. I wanted to merge my business background with my newly acquired knowledge in software development. I wanted to be involved in the technical portion as much as the business portion of the company, and there’s’ no better place to do so other than a startup!

For these reasons, I am proud and happy to be part of such initiative!

Next Steps?

I have spent the last two weeks onboarding; getting familiar with the code, engaging with the people involved, studying competitors, gaining background knowledge. It was all very inspiring because there’s never only one thing to do, but multiple things to do at once. You are always busy! For example, I enjoy working on a bug just as much as drafting our next new aggressive marketing strategy. When I don’t feel like studying, I will be using that downtime to work on a new idea for the business, or try and implement a new feature. In short, there’s always something to do :muscle:

“Whatever you pay attention to grows!”

  • -Kevin O’Leary

It’s go time this summer! We will be working towards booking investor pitches, meeting with government officials all while finalizing our iOS and Android MVPs.

I am really looking forward to growing this company and turning what was once an idea, into a real commercial product/service.

Stay Tuned :wink:

Anthony A. Nader