After a few hackathons this year, I’ve come to realize how many people were actually interested in projects that combined software development, music, and sound. Whether it was for a hack, a mobile application or a simple browser-based audio manipulation - people were genuinely interested in connecting these fields.

Have a look at companies like Shazam, Soundcloud, Spotify, StingRay to name a few, who have their technologies based on either music, audio, code or the combination of all three! There is a real potential in this area and having an interest in combining these fields has its benefits; one can merge and apply any area of expertise such as Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning, and Statistics. So if it’s not solely the artistic side that attracts you to this domain you can rest assured that almost any field of technology can be applied to music and sound.

But wait, there’s more! A new demand for intelligent, autonomous music teachers is dominating the world of web and iOS applications. Top grossing apps such Melodics and Yousician offer users flexibility to practice and learn new instruments from the comfort of their homes.

The possibilities are endless!

“The field of music and AI is now growing more than ever.”

  • Lavanya Aprameya

What’s the point?

I remember how our group faced many problems when it came down to audio and code manipulations while building Muvïc. As we searched for solutions, we realized how much the information was dispersed and outdated, nothing was concrete, and it was very difficult to find good reliable sources to help us achieve what we were trying to do. Till this day, I have yet to find a dependable community dedicated to solving problems related to the combination of these fields.

Hence, I will use this post to serve as a checklist for new ideas I want to tackle this year. In short, I want to dedicate some time to growing and nurturing a community in this domain. I want to devote more blog posts related to relevant topics in music research, demonstrate code implementations and discuss potential future projects. I would also like to create a local meetup group to gather developers, producers, and artists to have discussions and talks based on these topics.


Personally, I’ve always been passionate about creating and composing music. Before immersing myself in coding and software development, I programmed music. This year, I’ve decided to combine my passion with my craft. I took it upon myself to learn two new things: Swift for iOS development and Logic Pro X (as I recently switched over from Ableton Live). I will be documenting the learning process, and in by doing so, it will help me generate content, share the knowledge and provide support for those working on similar things.

“As this field is growing, there is an absolute need for a reliable community.”

What’s next?

I want to hear from developers, artists, musicians, label managers, producers and other industry experts. I want to learn about the obstacles they are facing, the artistic struggles or coding difficulties, and finally, learn more about the business side of things.

“Technology made it possible to do lots of things with music.”

  • Ingo Vogelmann

As always, feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments section below.

Till next time :musical_score:

Anthony A. Nader